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Titan Remote Starters

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

Titan Innovations warrants to the original purchaser of a Titan Remote Starter and/or Alarm, that the product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship. However, should this product be proven to be defective, within a three year period from the original date of purchase, the manufacturer will, without charge to the purchaser (excluding any charges incurred to have the product delivered to the manufacturer), repair or replace the main control module of the remote starter and/or alarm, which the manufacturer agrees to be defective. After the initial three year warranty period the manufacturer shall repair or replace defective modules with a nominal processing fee of $45.00 USD for remote starters and/or alarms. All warranties apply to the original purchaser and the vehicle in which the unit was originally installed ONLY.  Remotes, antennas and other parts included with the remote starter and/or alarm have a one year warranty from the original date of purchase.  Repairs or replacement of defective modules and/or parts shall remain at the discretion of the manufacturer. All other parts, components, accessories, and/or optional equipment pertaining to the remote starter and/or alarm are not included in the manufacturer’s warranty.

This warranty is non-transferable. Request for warranty service from any Factory Authorized Dealer must be accompanied with the original purchase receipt. Failure to comply with any of these conditions may result in warranty being voided. This warranty does not cover the following: removal and reinstall labor charges, shipping charges, abuse, misuse, or accidental damages to the remote starter and/or alarm, automobile, and/or parts thereof. This warranty is void upon modification, repairs, or alterations to any part of the product. The manufacturer does not guarantee or insure against theft of the vehicle or its contents. Alarm models are designed only to act as a deterrent against possible theft.  Alarms may qualify for auto insurance discounts. Contact your insurance agent for further information. The manufacturer shall not be held liable for any consequential damages due to breach of this or any other warranty, expressed or implied. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. Your specific legal rights may vary for each region.

CERTAIN DAMAGES EXCLUDED – The manufacturer expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility for incidental damages caused by the product, including economic loss, loss of use of the product, car rentals, or any other costs relating to the care and custody of the product. The manufacturer disclaims liability or responsibility for any consequential damages caused by the product or resulting from its use, including the cost of repairing or replacing other property damaged by the product or caused by its use, whether or not the product is working properly. The product is intended to deter unauthorized use of the vehicles in which it is installed. The manufacturer does not warrant that the product is fool-safe against theft and/or vandalism and/or human error or misuse. The manufacturer accepts no liability or responsibility for any damage of any kind whatsoever caused to any vehicle in which the product is installed or any resulting damage from its use. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage resulting to or theft of the vehicle or its contents caused or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly, by failure of the product.

Safety Precautions

MANUAL TRANSMISSION STARTERS – The installation of a remote starter in a manual transmission vehicle MUST only be done with a specified manual transmission starter. The manual transmission starter is designed to be an added measure of safety ONLY! The manufacturer does not guarantee or insure against any damages or loss of life that could result in the event of a remote starter starting while the vehicle is in gear. Manual transmission models are designed only to act as a deterrent against the vehicle starting in gear. It is the sole responsibility of the vehicle’s operator to insure that the vehicle is left with the transmission in neutral position when the remote starter is in use.

Remote Starter owners/users MUST INSTALL a CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR in the living area near to where the vehicle is being stored or parked. It is the sole responsibility of the owner/user to keep the remote transmitters away from the reach of children and handle with care so that the system does not unintentionally start. It is the sole responsibility of the owner/user to ensure that if the vehicle is parked in an enclosed/partially enclosed area (garage, car port, etc.), being serviced (oil change, etc.) or if the vehicle is loaned to an operator not familiar with a remote starter, the system MUST BE placed in Service (Valet) Mode.

FCC Notice

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation of this device is subject to the following conditions:

  1. This device may not cause harmful interference, and
  2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
  3. CAUTION: Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the part responsible for compliance voids the user’s authority to operate this device.